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5G technology provides the basis for ultra high definition video

4G technology has promoted the popularity of mobile video. Text and static photos have been replaced with cameras, video blogs, YouTube channels, Facebook Live, Snapchat, TikTok, and other channels of communication. Now, 5G is the foundation for UHD video. With the expansion of 5G, real-time video streaming will become more popular in mobile applications and social media.

HSN supports video stream uploading to blockchain under the 5G architecture. HSN transforms video content into hashes and stores it in the HSN network. It supports replacement of video index variables and storage variables. By using content-based indexing, HSN can upload the video stream to blockchain and execute smart contracts and intelligent interpretation of mass video and images.

Under the 5G architecture, HSN can support the following video scenarios:

Face key point recognition

It supports multi-scene application of camera. For example, it can analyze over 100 key points of a face on video and generate detailed information such as gender, age and clothing of each face.

Revitalize idle video storage resources

Encouragement of more terminals to contribute video storage space and activation of idle video storage resources through the token incentive mechanism.

Accurate and efficient image analysis

Multi-scene camera application: analysis of 100+ key points to generate detailed information about the gender, age, and clothing of each person;

Protect video live original copyright

All kinds of live video applications, decentralized video copyright protection. HSN disrupts the existing centralized application copyright, truly protects copyright revenue of original live videos, and provides P2P value exchange;

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