-IoV & UAV-

5G supports direct communication between devices and builds a D2D (Device-to-Device) network. As a result, all kinds of IoT applications will be rapidly popularized. The first one is the “killer” applications — the Internet of Vehicles. HSN has unique advantages in big data management, security, transparency, and P2P transactions, which enables collaboration on equipment for autopilots, unmanned vehicles, and in other IoV fields.

Supply Chain Management

Vehicle Hardware Manufacturing


HSN can be used in the whole motor vehicle value chain: from supply chain management and vehicle hardware manufacturing to autopilot, vehicle life cycle data tracking, and provision of data for autopilot. It can also save costs and optimize the operating process. After the vehicle data is uploaded to blockchain through the PoT module, when an accident occurs in the future, HSN will ensure timely data collection via real-time IoT data transmission.

HSN will complete such financial scenarios as insurance compensation and second-hand car dealing. In the IoV scenario, HSN supports Self-sovereign Identity: when an original identification label is stored on HSN, a unique identification label is created. Besides these, with the help of the programmable logic (smart contract) controller mechanism for devices, blockchains provides an encryption interface for chips, thus ensuring system security in the decentralized environment.

The Global leader in Blockchain + 5G

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