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HSN Protector Master Node Program

5 Million HSN Reward and Giveaway event

With the accelerated development of 5G technology and the coming of 5G era, as the first value ecosystem combining Public Chain + 5G application in the world, HSN(Hyper Speed Network) is also increasing the speed of research, development and promotion. At present, the HSN team has reached 100 members, 95% of which are experts and researchers in the field of Blockchain and 5G communications.

HSN has completed the release of first generation of ecosystem application technology ;

White Paper Version 1;

HSN listed on five international exchanges;

Our  global community base has expanded to over 30 countries and regions around the world;

Supporting an incredible 100,000+ people.

In order to accelerate the progress of the project’s research and development, HSN aims to continuously involve the community to participate and enable active members to participate in the further development and governance of our ecosystem. HSN wants to jointly promote the development of our 5G+blockchain ecosystem and share the return. Therefore, we launch the ‘Protector Master Node Plan’(PMN) recruitment program. The HSN Foundation allocates 5,000,000 HSN as reward to the PMN and referrals.

Selection Criteria of Protector Master Node:

Through specific levels of investment and long-term holding in HSN tokens users will support the development of HSN projects, participate in the ecological construction, and receive exclusive benefits and rights.

Authentic Protector Master Node qualification:

1. Deposit USDT from official wallet, , exchange into the HSN and deposit it into the wallet personal account (total 10 million HSN available, the wallet will be associated with the market price in a timely manner) , participate in the Protector Master Node recruitment program, submit the application for Protector Master Node qualification (Each address has only one application opportunity). According to the amount of participation, the applicant will obtain the certification of the corresponding level of Protector Master Node after approval of HSN project:

2. After theProtector Master Node is successfully authenticated, the identity and related benefits are permanently valid.

Recruitment Period:

The first phase will start from August 20th 2019, onwards until a total of 10,000,000 HSN purchase is completed

Benefits for the Protector Master Node:

1. Exclusive Identity Authentication: HSN project will award exclusive identity authentication logo for Protector Master Node, award identity trophies and certificates, and highlight the identity of Protectors on official platforms such as official websites, wallets and shopping mall.

2. 5 million HSNs will be given away to Protector Master Node in Phase I: HSN tokens will be given away to Protector Master Nodes in different proportions according to the amount of investment from them. From the day when the Protector Master Node deposits and locks the investment, 1% of the principal and reward amount will be released every day, and the release will be completed in 100 days.

3. Airdrop of the income dividends from the development of DAPP or sub- chain: The Protector Master Nodes participate in the development of DAPP and sub-chain, and can enjoy no less than 10% of the dividends according to the specific contribution.

4. Dealership and sales dividends of the HSN application solution and products:

Protector Master Nodes can obtain a sales rebate that is less than 10% of the delivery price by the HSN Team.

5. Rights to participate in important decision-making and operations of the HSN project development according to the level of the PMN ;

Special Awards to Protector Master Nodes:

1. After the end of this stage, when 10 million HSN tokens are exchanged, the top three Protector Master Nodes will have the opportunity to participate in the Super Nodes competition (21 in total). Twenty-One Super Nodes will share up to 200 million HSN tokens as mining awards.

2. After the release of all the tokens from the Protector Master Nodes (after 100 days from the end of the event), if the balance of the wallet deposit is not less than 80% of the principal and awards, the nodes can participate in the " Protector Master Nodes Realignment award". The nodes with top 30 wallet deposit balances, will be awarded a total of 200,000 HSN tokens. The amount allocated is as follows:

3. All Protector Master Nodes have the right to choose to participate in the "Valuation Adjustment Mechanism":

Condition: If PMN participats in the "Valuation Adjustment Mechanism" , whose principal and awards amounts will be completely locked until 100 days


- If the HSN/USDT price on the token release date is higher than the price on PMN certification date , all token is completely released;
- If the HSN/USDT price on the token release date is lower than the price on PMN certification date, the principal loss portion will be calculated, and the HSN token will be replenished according to (price on certification date - price on releaseing date) / price on releaseing date.

The loss of PMN principal due to the price drop is completely avoided.

Awards to Referrals of Protector Master Nodes:

Protector Master Nodes are entitled to recommend new Protector Master Nodes. Protector Master Nodes of various levels will be able to receive the referral award according to the percentage listed below, for recommending others to deposit tokens and become new Protector Master Nodes.

For example, one user (user A) becomes a Silver Protector Master Node by purchasing 3000 HSN tokens. When this node recommends another user (user B) to deposit 1000 HSN tokens and become Bronze Protector Master Node, then the User A will receive referral award of 1000*5%= 50 HSN.

The HSN team reserves the right of final interpretation and modification of this content. When the content of the English and Chinese announcements is ambiguous, the official interpretation shall prevail.

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