-Reasons why you need to invest in HSN-

By investing in Hyper Speed Network, You invest in the most current technologies, the need for use and development of which is obvious to the whole world. Hyper Speed Network is the First Public 5g Network with ultra-high performance of mass data storage and processing.

HSN integrates 5G & Blockchain.

Application solution HSN:

Blockchain + 5G

Modules 5G MEC

Video Streaming

(Internet Of Vehicle)


Wireless Mesh Products

Edge Computing

Internet giant "Hyper Speed Network" enters the crypto market!

You've probably considered quite a few crypto-startups that offer a fast and feature-rich blockchain platform, but not all of them have such Strategic Partners as Lenovo, Acer, Quectel, China Telecom and China Mobile.  Technologies which will be discussed is 5G.

In the blockchain industry, as well as around the world, this is an urgent task.

We will consider a project that is able to solve it immediately at the start.

​Heard about Hyper Speed Network ? 🤔

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To help you understand the scale, let's briefly talk about the project and Analytics:

Hyper Speed Network is one of the most high-tech companies in the 5g communication and chip (module) industry in China. The range of products is dominated by critical technical equipment for the telecommunications industry.

One of the angel investors of the project known throughout the crypto community Evangelist Blockchain and co-founder WatonchainMonitor Chan. Part-time Owner of a large blockchain Fund "Gloriosa Capital" founded in Hong Kong in 2018.

The project team consists of more than 180 people, including about 100 R&D developers

A little about numbers: 

Indicative data: now in the world 5 billion devices are connected to the 4G network. 5G technology expects to increase the number of connected devices to 25 billion by 2021.

Devices such as vehicles (IoV), Medical devices, touch locks and sensors, household appliances and other gadgets will have access to the 5G network.

*the population is only one China in 2019 is around 1 408 526 000 people

Hyper Speed Network offers the world technology "Blockchain + 5G". 

Network performance will allow you to implement projects that previously seemed impossible.

Major players have already joined the project, including:

- Lenovo (world leader in the PC and laptop segment)

- Acer, 

- Quectel (world leader in IoT), 

- China Telecom и China Mobile 

Moreover Lenovo and others will use the chip Hyper Speed Network (HSN 5G) in their devices 

Founded in 2012, HSN’s subsidiary, Tianbei IoT, provides customers with software and hardware integrated data communication solutions. One of the customers is Lenovo. So far, Tianbei IOT has provided Lenovo with SNAS (Intelligent Storage Device) solutions, including home dual private cloud storage devices, providing a whole family data backup and shared security storage.

In 2019, Tianbei IOT and LENOVO  signed another cooperation agreement, to provide Lenovo with SNAS (smart storage devices), 5G routers and other technical products. This fully reflects the R&D strength of the HSN project team in 5G field.

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- HSN Assists Shenzhen To Build An International Innovative City With Advanced 5G+ Blockchain Technology, with the support of the Chinese Government.

- And some developers are already testing Iov technology with electric vehicles of nio concern. In the line of concern is the incredible cars such as NIO EP9.

How do you like that, Elon Musk? 

Such projects can open blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the masses of people.

This is exactly what the crypto industry lacks. 

HSN will contribute to the development of blockchain and 5G technologies

in Asia and around the world

The Global leader in Blockchain + 5G

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